Below are a few tips for a better renting experience.

Book longer to save

We offer progressive discounts, so the longer you book the cheaper your daily rates are.

Don't drive with the windows half-open

Besides the safety issue, always drive with your windows fully closed to avoid problems.

Schedule the delivery and collection of your car

For your convenience we deliver and collect your vehicle at the chosen location.

License plate restriction

In the city of São Paulo, license plate restriction is enforced during the week, from 8AM to 10AM in the morning and 5PM to 8PM in the evening, according to the last digit on the vehicle's license place. Monday 1 or 2, tuesday 3 or 4, wednesday 5 or 6, thursday 7 or 8 and friday 9 or 0.

Alway keep a safe distance

Armored vehicles have an extra weight taking a longer distance to stop when applying the brakes.

Turn on your headlights

On most highways it's mandatory to drive with your headlights turned on.